Brunelli's passion for nature began as a boy in Germany. Living in a small coastal town, he spent his days walking the beaches and marshes sketching what he saw. When ...Read more...he began school his sketches translated into paintings. He painted all through school and was encouraged to attend art school. Brunelli went to art school, but only for a brief time as he felt it to be too confining. Therefore, he left school to travel and develop his skills.

After many months of travelling, he realized he was only stopping at coastal cities and painting the wetlands and the wildlife within them. Brunelli then began his 30 year love affair with the marshes; their wildlife, especially birds, the movement of the grasses, and the dancing light on the water entranced him.

Brunelli is recognized for his naturalist paintings. His paintings sell very well in this region because his scenes depict what we are so very lucky to see from almost any vantage point in our southern New Jersey costal area.

Oil on Canvas
24 x 36 inches