"Big Wave's" Sculptures embody the essence of the movement of water...  
David Wight creatively combines his love of the ocean with his passion for glass sculpting.

After studying at Pilchuck Glass School and spending 10 years working with glass and water, he has created his own style of glass sculpting. Through his unique process, he allows the glass to have a life of its own, expressing movement and energy in a way uncommon to traditional glass working.

David's history working with glass has led him through a range of subjects related to water including glass water fountains, small glass splashes and even lampshades designed to look like koi fish. He is now beginning to branch out into a line of ice sculptures and lava sculptures.

He lives in his home town of Bellingham, Washington. Surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and the San Juan Islands, Bellingham offers inspiration to his work as does spending several months of the year in the Hawaiian Islands.

Big Wave says:
"Water is our life force. With my glass sculpture, I work to capture the beauty, grace and power of water in it's most dynamic form: the wave. Using the molten liquid of hot glass, I endeavor to create, by hand, a glass sculpture that embodies the essence of the movement of water. Each sculpture is distinctly unique."

Sunset Tango