In an interview Malcolm Farley demonstrated his artistic eye. He began, "Not to detract from the way you look or anything," as he cocks his head with an apologetic grin, "but when I look at you, I see some aquamarine here," his index finger points vaguely at the interviewer's nose, "and some fuchsia right here at the cheekbone, maybe down around the ear here..." Farley pauses, scrutinizes, and shrugs. "Everywhere I look I see these fantastic, bright colors. It's been that way since I was a kid."

Farley started painting at the age of eight. Particularly fascinated with the energetic drive and aura of athletes, he made his name by painting the world's greatest baseball, tennis, football, and hockey stars. Farley is unique in the he doesn't just sit in his studio to paint. Instead, he prefers to create his art in live event fashion while thousands, even hundreds of thousands, look on.

As a result, Malcolm Farley is globally recognized for his ever-growing portfolio of high-profile events. For example, he unveiled 24 originals of Major League Baseballs Most Memorable Moments at the World Series. This event, sponsored by MasterCard, is just one of numerous joint partnerships that are occurring between Fortune 500 corporations and the sporting and music worlds, and Farley is the entity that brings them together.

Phillies 2008 World Champions
Giclee on Canvas
30 x 40 inches