Onan Balin was born in Kowloon, China in 1970. As a young boy, he quickly developed a reputation for being mischievous at school. His parents were chocked to hear this since at home Balin spent hours in his room drawing. Balin would prove his complexity and quiet strength throughout his life. Despite his teacher's watchful eye, Balin excelled at his schoolwork and went on to Shangonf University pursuing a career in Fiance. He continued to draw in the quiet moments of his lide, but it always remained in the background. His financial career brought him to the U.S. in the 1990s.

Compared to China, the atmosphere of the U.S. was very liberating. He began a period of growth where his passion for art came to the forefront of his life. His artwork is reminiscent of the majestic landscapes of his childhood home in Kowloon. Balin's lastest collection debuted at ArtExpo New York and his work continues to be sought nationally and internationally.

Floral Revival ll
Mixed Media Paper
21 x 28 inches