With a powerful sweep of the palette knife, Elena Bond captures each moment through her compelling expressive form of impressionism. Her precision to color and value within every composition creates ...Read more...

a balancing harmony of calming peacefulness and exciting movement. Exuding a diverse array of versatility in her subject matter, Bond connects to our universal memories along with our times down the shore, strolling the boardwalk, playing in the ocean and all the stolen moments in-between.

Elena started drawing at a very early age, coming from a of family artists; both her grandfather and great-grandfather were artists. She moved frequently, preserving memories of many different cultures and experiences while her father was in the military. At the age of 11, she attended her first art school, where students spent most of their time in museums, learning not only basic art, but also theory. It is from this early experience that she concluded she could be nothing other than an artist.
In her painting, she has tried many styles and techniques, from simple still life and portraits to difficult, philosophical, multi-figured art. Whatever she paints, her main goal is to be honest and to love what she creates.

Elena Bond has updated the Impressionist movement to our present time, bringing the Impressionists’ spirit into the twenty-first century in a grand way with a major force of impact. While Elena’s treatment of composition, color, and contrast is vastly different from Matisse, Picasso, or Renoir, it has a unique quality that identifies her as a master artist of our time. Elena is a key artist in modern impressionism, pushing the boundaries of the movement.  She uses her impeccable taste in a very subtle and sophisticated way, creating intense harmonies in her paintings, as she keeps the contrast between color and value dynamically balanced.

Elena’s talent and unique vision shines in an amazing variety of joyous subjects- still maintaining the individuality of a true artist- an original style all her own. With each new painting, Elena manages to bring the impressionist rendering of atmospheric light to a higher-level while, at the same time, her spontaneous virtuosity conveys a sense of well-being. Her art is bold, exciting, and sometimes even violent, yet maintaining a perfect equilibrium contrasting with a calm serenity- quite the tour de force. Despite the busy compositions, Elena gives each work an overall impression of clarity and motion, allowing the viewer to experience true bliss through each piece.

Mixed Media
Original Artwork