Gallery of Events 2019

Samir Sammoun – Master Impressionist

Sunrise on the Beach, 40×48, Copyright Samir Sammoun 2019

Over the 2019 Memorial Day weekend, Ocean Galleries welcomed renowned Canadian-Lebanese Impressionist, Samir Sammoun, for his first ever exhibition in the gallery. Samir began painting oils at the young age of 13, inspired by the beautiful landscapes of his native Joun, Lebanon, particularly his family’s 1,000-year-old olive plantation. His impressionistic art has been compared to some of the great Masters, most often, to Van Gogh, as well as Monet, Renoir, and Pissarro, while his colorful and masterful paintings have garnered admiration from collectors in Canada, Lebanon, the U.S., and around the world. In addition to the olive, poppies, and landscape scenes inspired by his Lebanese roots, Samir finds inspiration in other places he visits and resides, from Quebec to the coasts of Sunny Isles, Florida. The new exhibit, “Master Impressionist,” featured more than 70 original oil paintings including many seascapes, landscapes, and cityscapes, and numerous pieces created specifically for the Stone Harbor exhibit, such as beach scenes and regional cityscapes from New York and Philadelphia.

Master Impressionist, Samir Sammoun, To Exhibit At Ocean Galleries Memorial Day Weekend

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Theodor Seuss Geisel (a.k.a. Dr. Seuss) – The Cat Behind the Hat!

The Cat Behind the Hat, TM & Copyright Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.

Ocean Galleries shared a compelling selection of artworks from The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection over Father’s Day weekend when they debuted “The Cat Behind the Hat!” exhibit, a series of print and bronze limited-edition art. Guests had the opportunity to learn from the Art of Dr. Seuss collection representative, Jeff Schuffman, who discussed the first time showing during special receptions. “The beloved Dr. Seuss artwork exhibits have become somewhat of an annual Stone Harbor tradition enjoyed by kids of all ages. Our gallery was fortunate to be chosen to host ‘The Cat Behind the Hat!’ collection for the very first time, so it will be fun to debut the art featuring the renowned cat to the shore area!” said Ocean Galleries owner Kim Miller. “We love that our customers can share the joy in this whimsical collection with their entire family and introduce new generations to fine art.” The new collection of art featured in “The Cat Behind the Hat!” included serigraphs, mixed media, and fine art on paper and canvas, as well as bronze sculptures, all highlighting the famous feline with names every bit as interesting as the colorful and clever cat himself, such as “The Great Cat Continuum,” “Venetian Cat Signing Oh Solo Meow,” and “Singing Cats.”

“The Cat Behind the Hat!” Art Exhibit Debuts at Ocean Galleries over Father’s Day Weekend

June Art Exhibits at Ocean Galleries Raise Money for Cape May County Animal Shelter

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Mackenzie Thorpe – 30 Years of Love                

Surprise!, Copyright Mackenzie Thorpe 2019

He has achieved global success in galleries throughout the UK, America, Japan, and Australia, counting such notable collectors as J. K. Rowling, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and Tom Hardy, among his fans. For the weekend of the summer solstice, Ocean Galleries was delighted to welcome Mackenzie Thorpe for his first ever exhibition in New Jersey.  His artistic journey has taken him from the shipyards of Middlesbrough to internationally acclaim as one of today’s most collected and sought-after artists. Rooted in authenticity, Mackenzie’s artwork is packed with emotional expression and speaks of hope and love, as well as struggle and challenge.  The need and compulsion to draw was obvious from an early age and remains with Mackenzie today. His works express an entire range of human emotion, from the special bond of love and friendship, to the importance of self-reflection and individual triumphs. Each or his artwork pieces are a tribute to the creativity within us all, as well as a vivid expression of hope and the human spirit. The “Mackenzie Thorpe – 30 Years of Love” art exhibit included an outstanding collection of pastels, sculptures, and limited-edition prints.

Legendary British Artist, Mackenzie Thorpe, Makes First Time Appearance at Ocean Galleries

June Art Exhibits at Ocean Galleries Raise Money for Cape May County Animal Shelter

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Stephen Harlan – Water’s Edge

40 Years Together, Copyright Stephen Harlan 2019

Making his first appearance at Ocean Galleries, Stephen Harlan was in Stone Harbor the weekend of July 19-21. In a world moving quickly into the future, Stephen Harlan has established his own unique style of digital artwork. Each inspired work in his collection is “visioned” and shaped in Stephen’s mind, then meticulously rendered with an eye to “color and contrast” to create a magical mood – suspended in time…in space… and in the imagination. Born in rural Minnesota, Harlan relocated with his family to Florida when he was in grade school, which inspired his love of the water having spent many days sailing into the sunset on his catamaran. Investigating the uniqueness of harbors and sunsets became a passion and his nautical focus continues to grow deeper every day, with the never-ending inspiration that comes from carefully observing the sea and the water in all of their contrasts. After relocating to California with his wife, his artistic style expanded, with images of the southwest and several other areas of inspiration becoming a part of his portfolio. Stephen’s portfolio of abstract images also grew as increased interest and requests from California and West Coast collectors surfaced. Today, the Harlan family resides in North Carolina, where the Atlantic Ocean and Intercoastal Waterway serve as a constant source of stimulation for future work.

Groundbreaking Digital Artist, Stephen Harlan, Makes First Time Appearance at Ocean Galleries

Innovative Art of Stephen Harlan Marks First Show of Its Kind at Ocean Galleries

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Josef Kote – Serenity Found

Best Summer, Copyright Josef Kote 2019

Back by popular demand, Josef Kote returned to Ocean Galleries with his “Letting Go: Serenity Found” exhibition Friday, August 9 to Sunday, August 11, 2019. Having gained international recognition, Kote is best known for his distinctive style and technique which blend classic academic and abstract elements, fused together with his signature drip effect, to create breathtaking artwork. Kote’s trademark style includes bold brushwork and sweeping strokes of vibrant color – often through the use of a pallet knife – alongside monochromatic areas devoid of detail; the result of these unique techniques are paintings that enthrall the viewer with an incredible energy. One of Kote’s favorite subject matters is the water, as evident in many of his paintings which have nautical themes, including numerous new oceanscapes and water-themed paintings created specifically for the Stone Harbor exhibition.

Josef Kote Brings New Collection of Art to Ocean Galleries

Stunning New Artwork by Josef Kote on Display at Ocean Galleries in Stone Harbor August 9-11

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Jane Seymour – California Colorist

Jane Seymour returned to Ocean Galleries over Labor Day weekend

It was a thrill to welcome the multitalented Jane Seymour back to Ocean Galleries over Labor Day weekend when she brought her latest collection of gorgeous oil paintings, watercolors, and bronze sculptures to Stone Harbor. Ms. Seymour began painting over 20 years ago as part of a healing process for personal challenges experienced at that time. Since then, Ms. Seymour has emerged as an established and accomplished painter, creating an intimate world of delicate watercolors, colorful vibrant oil paintings, pastels, and bronze sculptures. A multiple Emmy® and Golden Globe® winning actress, Jane Seymour has proven her talents in virtually all media, the Broadway stage, motion pictures, and television, and is an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) recipient. Additionally, she has written over 10 books and launched Jane Seymour Designs, a national lifestyle brand inspired by her homes, art, and family-centered lifestyle. Often described as a California colorist, Ms. Seymour believes that her art reflects the essence of who she is. Her collection of expressive art often reflects her passions in life, such as flower gardening, which is evident in her colorful flower arrangements, detailed landscapes, and lush garden paintings and watercolors. Ms. Seymour’s Ocean Galleries exhibition was one of her largest curated shows, and included numerous beachscapes and figurative paintings, many of which were inspired by her home life in Malibu, CA and recent visits to the East Coast.

Ocean Galleries Welcomes Jane Seymour to Stone Harbor over Labor Day Weekend

Jane Seymour to Appear at Ocean Galleries over Labor Day Weekend

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