Richard Greenleaf grew up and currently resides in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area. He is a Penn State graduate of 1963 with a degree in architecture. He is a full-time architect with his own firm in Allentown and spends most of his spare time painting in his home-studio. His style is an extremely colorful blend of realism and impressionism using acrylics with a watered technique. He uses many layers of color that bring out real depth and color, which is not always apparent to the naked eye.

Greenleaf has been painting since the age of 10, but has only recently shared his talents. He is a self-taught artist who enjoys painting oceanic scenes, historical areas, cityscapes with architectural value, as well as various wildlife scenes. He also paints many scenes from his alma mater, Penn State, and is expanding into other Big Ten Universities. His first limited edition print was produced during the summer of 1996. He now has over 25 limited editions prints including scenes from Penn State, Ohio State, Bethlehem, PA, Jersey Shore, Annapolis, MD, and the Chesapeake Bay. The artist is currently working on new paintings of Penn State, Ohio State, University of Michigan, and the New Jersey shore.

Greenleaf begins planning to paint a scene long before the brush hits the canvas. He is often traveling to research historical and scenic areas in hopes of finding just the right scene to paint. He only recreates paintings of areas that he has visited and has captured the beauty and ambiance personally to incorporate into his paintings.

As a member of the Lehigh Art Alliance, Greenleaf has also exhibited at the Allentown Art Museum and Lehigh University, and is a member of the Local Historical Commission.

Avalon Boardwalk
35 x 30 inches
Avalon Beach Patrol
Limited Edition Print
12.5 x 17 inches
101st Street Gazebo
Watercolor on Paper
26 x 20 inches