Jamie P. was born in Woon-Joo in the Kangwondo province. Since her father was in the military and was often subject to transfers, most of her early childhood was spent ...Read more...moving frequently from place to place. Understandably, she had a difficult time adjusting to so many new environments. Therefore, her parents decided to send Jamie to her uncle who lived in Seoul. (It was popular in Korea for parents to send their children to Seoul for a better education.) Since her uncle did not have any children of his own, he was more than happy to accept her as a new member of his home.

Throughout Jamie's early academic career, she demonstrated great talent in art and was awarded with many prizes at art competitions. Finally, she realized her destiny as an artist and decided to go to an arts college. Jamie's uncle, however, was stubbornly opposed to her becoming an artist. Although he had majored in art at the prestigious Tokyo University in Japan, he remained opposed to a career in art for his niece. Following her uncle's wishes, Jamie enrolled in nursing school. Although she was a dedicated nursing student, she still pursued her passion to paint through club activities. Whenever people praised her talent and encouraged her career as an artist, she found herself in turmoil.

Instead of completing her nursing education, Jamie followed her heart, went back to arts college, and got her degree in art education. Jamie wanted to discover people who had a similar passion for painting and help them to develop their talents and interests as she had. Teaching, however, did not stop her from painting. A former professor introduced her to a gallery, and she soon began painting for that gallery. While she was painting, she met another artist who painted for various galleries in America. This new friendship opened a new opportunity for Jamie's work to be introduced in America.

She tracks her love of art and her inspiration back to her childhood fascination with fairy tales. She spent many happy hours drawing handsome princes and beautiful princesses in lovely costumes. Jamie says, "I am still painting dashing men in stylish suits and fashionable women in exciting red dresses, coming alive in their favorite places as night falls."

Oil on Canvas
20 x 24 inches