Michelle Schleider is a Contemporary Impressionist painter who combines over thirty years of knowledge and skill of classical realism with modern ideas. Her paintings are charged with color harmony and ...Read more...

gesture. Her loose, flowing brushstrokes create a great sense of movement and fervor. She regularly adds elements of her personal story or experiences to every one of her paintings.

Schleider was born and raised in Long Island, NY. Her mother was an artist and art teacher. She introduced Schleider to countless mediums and encouraged her to practice them regularly. While at college and during a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, Schleider studied drawing, painting and sculpture, but always came back to oil painting as her medium of choice.

She has found that the subjects she chooses to paint regularly reflect what she's intensely curious about. When something piques her interest, she'll dive in deep and peel the layers off of it until she's exhausted everything there is to know about it. She then taps into her imagination to find her personal and unique way of interpreting her ideas onto the canvas.

Schleider now lives in Upstate New York where she grows an abundance of flowers, particularly roses, that make their way into her paintings. Her belief that we are all stewards of our planet, drives her to have a symbiotic relationship with nature, which in turn carries over to her art.

Schleider's paintings hang in numerous private collections around the US, Canada, and Europe. Her work has won many awards and has been included in several gallery and museum exhibitions. She has felt and has been told by observers that her painted florals take on human-like personalities and carry great passion.

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