Born in Europe and raised in Shanghai, China, Peter Max had always dreamed of coming to America. While his time in Europe and Asia peaked his senses and inspired his ...Read more...

worldview, the American culture was always a source of intrigue for the young artist. At the age of sixteen, Max's childhood dream came true when he arrived on the shores of the United States.

After completing high school, Max continued his art studies at The Art Student's League. When he finished his formal art training, he became fascinated with new trends in commercial illustration and graphic arts and won awards for album covers and book jackets. During the 1960's, Max found his true stride and became famous for his "Cosmic '60's" style with its distinctive line work and bold color combinations. Over the years, Max and his vibrant colors have become part of the fabric of contemporary culture. He has been successively called a Pop Icon, Neo Fauvist, Abstract Expressionist and the United States' "Painter Laureate."

Max has a long-standing career as the preeminent Pop artist in America. His art appears on a Boeing 777 jumbo jet currently flying the skies for Continental; a 600-foot stage for the Woodstock Music Festival; the covers of Verizon's New York City yellow and white pages; and a giant mural unveiled at the 2002 Winter Olympics. Max has further achieved his place in history having painted for various Heads of State, including six U.S. Presidents. From art that appeared on the first U.S. 10-cent stamp bearing the title "Preserve the Environment" to an astounding 235 U.S. border murals greeting millions of people entering America each year, Max seeks to capture themes of America at its finest in his art.

In addition, Max has always been ready to apply his creative talent to important global events and continues to support philanthropic causes around the world. Always an optimist, he sees a fabulous new age for the new millennium filled with enormous possibilities.

Cosmic Flyer w/ Sun on Blends
17x13 inches
Midnight Profile
Acrylic on Paper
Original 76ers Team
Acrylic on Canvas
32 x 44 inches