Romero Britto was born in Brazil and now resides in Miami, Florida.
His artist ability started at an early age, painting on scraps of newspaper and anything else he could ...Read more...

By 1989, people of all ages and walks of life were beginning to recognize and enjoy Britto’s style.
He has grown to be a very well known, international artist who has created his own visual language of hope and happiness, inspiring millions of people.

Influenced by works of the Masters (Matisse & Picasso), Britto has created an iconic style that The New York Times described, “exudes warmth, optimism, and love.”
His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in over 100 countries.

*Just a few examples of Britto’s accomplishments (in no particular order):
-Art installations for the 02 Dome in Berlin, John F. Kennedy Airport, Cirque Du Soleil at Super Bowl XLI
-Created the largest monumental sculpture in London’s Hyde Park history
-Served as an official artist for the 2010 World Cup,
-Ambassador to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil
-Honorary torch bearer for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
-Collaborations with Audi, Bentley, BMW, Coco-Cola, Walt Disney, Evian, Absolut Vodka, Apple Computers, Royal Caribbean, and Grand Marnier

*Collectors of Britto’s work (to name a few):
-Michael Jordan
-Arnold Schwarzenegger
-Andre Agassi
-The Guggenheims, Rothschilds, Kennedys, Mitterands
-Whitney Museum President, William Woodside

*Important charitable moments (involved in more than 250 organizations):
-World Economic Forum in Switzerland (speaker)
-Harvard International Negotiation Program (Inaugural Founding Benefactor)
-Best Buddies International (holds a seat on the board)
-St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital (on the board)
-HRH The Prince of Wales (on the board)

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