"I’ve been into rock’n’roll since my early youth. Although a lot has changed since then, several musical generations have passed through, the rock’n’roll classics who inspired my musical career are ...Read more...

still my cult heroes. Many of them became my friends but some I didn’t manage to meet as they were no longer alive by the time I was allowed to go abroad. It was through them that I saw a life and experienced a sense of freedom that didn’t exist in the country where I lived. I identify with each of these musicians, even the ones I don’t know personally, they mean a lot to me. This is why I decided to dedicate a large part of my paintings to these legends. Painting their portraits as I see and feel them."

Stas Namin is a musician, song writer and composer, a producer, an artist and photographer; one of the founders of Russian rock music and show business. He directs and produces theatre and cinema, and is involved with and behind numerous social and innovative projects. In the 2000s Namin began to pursue experimenting with different visual arts from graphic works to classic oil paintings. These ventures led to being awarded honorary memberships and many solo exhibitions. His series, paying tribute to the musicians who allowed him to experience music and visualize the freedom life has to offer along with his numerous travels around the world.

Original Artwork