A harmonious explosion of color was born when fusing together the two distinct styles and techniques of brothers, Jeffrey and Michael Bisaillon, also known as the Bisaillon Brothers (pronounced “Bisone”). ...Read more...

Living back in their hometown in upstate New York, the brothers have lived in various locations across the US.

Working in both 2D and 3D for over the past 20 years, the JBIS Art Collection contains an inspiring array of mediums including acrylic paint, graphic design, digital photography, mixed media, spray paint, wood, resin, and even building materials. Crisp, clean and innovative with a basis in new technology, iconicism, globalization and social media creates the perfect fusion of art and design.

They evoke an exciting commentary on the pop culture of today and the mid-20th century, lending to their Modern Visage Series, which combines Pop Art and homage to iconic people and brands that we all know and admire.

The Bisaillon Brothers symbiotic unity is effortlessly expressed creating incredibly unique and vibrantly unusual works of art.

The Red UPC code on each piece of art shines out at us and distinctly defines the JBIS trademark. Part signature, part emblem, part symbol under the beautiful, porcelain-like, poured resin surface plays out the conflict of the analog vs. digital.  When you see the red UPC code, there’s no doubt it’s a JBIS art piece!

Limited Edition Artwork
Original Artwork