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Original 76ers Team
32 x 44 inches
Acrylic on Canvas
Peter Max/ Philadelphia 76ers/ Ocean Galleries
After two very successful art exhibitions at Ocean Galleries in Stone Harbor NJ, Peter Max was looking for a way to give something back as a way to say thank you.
This was 2002 and at that time Dave Coskey, (a resident of Avalon, NJ and friend of Josh & Kim Miller) was the Vice President of the 76ers under Pat Croce. Dave and Josh began talking and came up with the idea of Peter painting the team photo of the 1982-83 Championship team and making prints from the original painting. The prints were then going to be signed by all of the players and sold. The proceeds were to benefit Sixers charities. There were a total of 80 prints made and 40 went to the Sixers, 30 went to Peter Max and 10 were allotted for Ocean Galleries.
At this time, Maurice Cheeks was the head coach of the Portland Trailblazers and were playing the 76ers in a home game. The arrangements were made for Josh & Kim Miller to bring the prints to the arena, the players from the championship team had dinner with the Millers and at that time the prints were signed by all of the players, the coaching staff and trainers. The former owner, Harold Katz was also there and signed the prints.
At half time of the game, Mo Cheeks ran in and signed his name to all 80 copies.
The Sixers sold all of their prints on the concourse in the arena before home games. Several were given away to VIP's and a few of the key players like Dr. J and Moses Malone.
This is a very special print created by one the most famous Pop artists of all time.
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