An Inside Look at Preparing for An Art Exhibit

Ever wonder what it takes to put together an art exhibit at Ocean Galleries?  The behind the scenes work starts weeks before the actual start of the show, when the artwork arrives.

“For most shows, we custom frame each piece of artwork,” explains gallery owner Kim Miller, who also happens to be an artist and leads the design process with all framing at the galleries.  “Customers are often surprised to learn that there is an ‘art’ to framing. The procedure starts with the basic aesthetics, such as color choices and matting, but also involves an understanding of the textures, knowledge of the items being framed, and a careful execution process to ensure the final piece meets our high standards.”

Ocean Galleries offers framing at both of their locations in Stone Harbor and Avalon, but the actual work is done at the Stone Harbor facility, which houses a framing area in addition to the retail gallery.  When the artwork is framed, it is then carefully transported to the Stone Harbor location for the set up and hanging of the framed pieces.

Of course, before the exhibit artwork can be hung, the existing artwork and other specialty pieces throughout the gallery must be removed and the walls must be prepared for new artwork to be hung.

Over Memorial Day weekend 2016, Ocean Galleries hosted world-renowned 3-D artists Charles Fazzino. Watch this video to see the time-lapsed process of dismantling the gallery, preparing for a new exhibition, and the final hung show.


For more information on custom-framing, call 609-967-4462. For more information on events at Ocean Galleries, click here.